Does Diabetic Nerve Pain keep you off your feet?

Diabetes can be difficult to manage, especially when it hurts

More than half of the people who have diabetes eventually also get diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or DPN. DPN often causes pain that usually affects the legs and feet. And for many people, the pain from DPN can stop them from enjoying activities in their daily lives.

Doctors are conducting a clinical study

Local doctors are researching an investigational drug to find out if it may help reduce nerve pain due to DPN.

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Complete the online questionnaire to see if you may qualify.

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you may be able to take part if you:

  • Are 18 to 70 years old
  • Have Type 2 diabetes
  • Have pain associated with DPN in both legs and/or both feet

The study doctor will check other requirements to confirm your eligibility.

If you take part in the study, you’ll receive at no cost:

  • Investigational drug for DPN
  • Study-related care from a local doctor

Health insurance and referrals aren’t required to participate.

If you have questions or comments that may include sensitive personal information, please call us at 877-404-7009.